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July 6, 2013
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Snake Eyes and the Wonder Twins by HowlsInTheDistance Snake Eyes and the Wonder Twins by HowlsInTheDistance
(With apologies to DC. I couldn't think of a better title... XD ) I think I spent way too long on this one... I blame the hair. >_<" Anyhoo, just some superhero OC's. From left to right, they are...

Aether: A synthetic humanoid, created by a government project which sought to create living weapons with unrivaled power. Gifted with powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities, she is the epitome of psionic potential. However, she's violent, antisocial and has a serious problem with authority. She cares little for anyone but her brother and Yuriale, whom she considers her best friend (though she would never admit it).

Yuriale: Real name, Sophia Katsaros. A half-gorgon heroine with living hair and a petrifying gaze which, while not quite as formidable as her mother's, is still a fearsome weapon in its own right. Strong and determined but surprisingly naive, she seems to have a strange obsession with statues... The snake on her arm? That's her trusty sidekick, Boris. He's no ordinary rattlesnake, he's actually an Ouroboros! They're very rare. :P He's normally perfectly content to remain hidden out of sight in her hair, but is always ready and willing to help. A gorgon's best friend!

Zephyr: Aether's younger brother, and a synthetic humanoid like her. Where Aether was the very embodiment of psionic perfection, Zephyr was considered a failure. He possesses a crude form of telepathy which only allows him to sense the emotions of others, and his telekinesis is subpar to the point where even levitating something as light as a paper clip requires a downright herculean effort. When it became apparent that he could never be the weapon they wanted, he was scheduled for termination. This didn't sit too well with his sister however, so she decided to take matters into her own hands, and helped him escape. They've been on the run ever since.

Version without makeup here: [link]

Yuriale created by :iconmouthofxenu:
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Just noticed, love how her hair tie looks like the end of a rattle-snakes tail.
HowlsInTheDistance Jul 25, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yep, that's exactly what I based it on! A virtual cookie for you! ^_^

*splits cookie and offers half of it to Sophia*

*time-warps two glasses of milk*

*noms cookie*
I really love how pale Yuriale is.

It's beautiful. Like snow. Plus, combined with the green it gives off a slightly peppermint vibe, which I really like.

Aether and Zephyr really capture their descriptions in body language and expression, you can see the confidence in Aether, and how shy Zephyr is.

He looks as if he's not sure about Yuriale, but even less sure of the people through that fourth wall there.
HowlsInTheDistance Jul 12, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks Professor! Ms. Sophia appreciates your kind words, too. ^_^

Yeah, Zeph is definitely a bit scared of her at first. I was hoping to capture that with his body language here.
*buys Sophia a beverage of her choice*
No problem.

You did capture it, quite well.
For those of you not currently following the spinnerette RPG, Once More With Feeling, there are a couple additions that you should be made aware. First of Aether and Zephyr were adopted by the veteran superhero Joule and he's been personally training them. Since then they both have gotten much more powerful then they previously were. Zephyr was more receptive to Joule's training and got the most out of it. He's now capable of altering the senses of others and has stronger telepathy. He can make the others believe he is invisible, create illusion clones, and over ride senses to perceive thing they cannot (sight in a pitch black room.)

However, their is a more significant change to both of them. Pretty much everyone in the upper west coast of American and some of Canada was caught in a mass super powering event. So 98% of the effected, including existing supers, got a brand spanking new superpower.

So the two of them just got new superpowers. Seeing as they are your characters, i was wondering if you wanted to decide what they received.
HowlsInTheDistance Jul 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, sounds like you've been busy lol. I kinda figured they'd change or grow over time somehow when you mentioned Joule adopting them. I kept their descriptions as I had originally envisioned them though, since I'd like to write a story of my own for them further down the line. Still, what you're doing sounds pretty cool too. I'm glad you're having fun with them. ^_^

Let's see... So they're getting some additional powers, huh? Well, it doesn't sound like divination is in Zeph's repertoire at all... That was something I originally wanted to go into with the tarot cards, remember? Why not give him some limited ability to see the future?

As for Aether, perhaps some limited pyrokinesis and cryokinesis? I had originally included that in her repertoire, but later considered removing it since I thought it might make her overpowered.

Well anyway, just a couple of ideas. It's up to you if you wanna use them or not. :P
I still remember the Divination Zeph does, he just hasn't had the screen time to do that. Though that does give me ideas on expanding it.

For Aether... Well we already got a thermokinesis guy in the group, but yeah that could work!
Hmmm...sounds like an interesting setup.
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